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 Our Beer Menu





G.T. Golden

Our lightest beer we brew that goes down clean and smooth, a quick fix to a thirsty day. Great with burgers and fries or soup and a sandwich…

Peninsula Pale Ale

Don’t let it’s light looks fool you, this American Style Pale Ale is a connoisseur’s delight with it’s bold hop and floral aroma.  Great with BBQ or Buffalo wings, it’s a match made in heaven…

Red 8 Ale

A Mackinaw Brewing Favorite…we wouldn’t dream of changing this auburn beauty. A rich malty red ale that goes great with any dinner or appetizer…

Cherry Heritage Lager   (available during cherry season)

A crisp easy drinking lager, cold brewed with local cherries, a taste that is pure Traverse City

Harvest Moon Oatmeal Stout

Almost a meal in itself. Dark roasty beer with a silky smooth finish, a great after dinner sipper…

West Bay I.P.A.

Look out our back window and you will see West Bay.  Big, Bold and Beautiful just like this India Pale Ale
Big, Bold & Beautifully Hoppy

Belgian Whitecap

This amazing beer is a true example of a Belgian style wheat ale. Brewed with Coriander for a unique aroma and a delicate fruity finish…this almost white golden colored ale will satisfy the occasional craft brew drinker or beer snob. . . you gotta try it!!!

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